Exercises Kids Can Do for Different Parts of the Body Using Foam Rollers


Sometimes called frollers, foam rollers are well known to therapists and athletes. They are sold in sporting goods and department stores, and come in various shapes and sizes – the most common being 36 inches long and six inches round. They look a little like short, stubby pool noodles, but they are shorter and denser…. Read more »

The Importance of Promoting Upper Body Strength From a Young Age


Upper body strength is critical throughout a person’s life. Effective arm movement and control are possible only when trunk strength and stability are good – and a stable core provides a solid base of support from which both the arms and legs are free to move with precision and control. Postural Control is Key Good… Read more »

Five Things Every Physical Therapist Should Do to Kickstart Their Day


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  What you do first thing in the morning really does make a difference, as you set yourself up for success all day long, both at school and in your personal life. It’s the little things that add up to smart choices, which can quickly become part of your improved routine. Here are five things… Read more »