Working with a Child with a Lateral Lisp? Try Implementing These Tips


A lateral lisp can be very challenging to treat. A lisp is a functional speech disorder (FSD); in other words, a difficulty learning to make a specific sound or sounds. While the cause of an FSD usually is not known, such disorders can be successfully treated. A lateral lisp in a child is probably occurring… Read more »

A Complete List of Ideas to Help Children Increase Hand Strength


Hand strength is one of the most common problem areas seen in pediatric occupational therapy. Kids who struggle with hand strength may have difficulty grasping a pencil, working with scissors, or managing clothing fasteners. These creative and playful activities target building hand strength to get children’s hands and fingers in shape: Develop the “Precision” Side… Read more »

How to Teach Kids to Fight their Fears


Teaching children to ward off irrational fears can begin at an early age. It’s important to replace worry and anxiety with their opposites: connection, mindfulness, courage, playfulness and confidence. As silly as a child’s fear may seem, these feelings are very real and not to be taken lightly. Validate the Child’s Fears You might think… Read more »

Looking at Calming Sensory Strategies for the Classroom


How can you help to keep students focused, engaged and content in the classroom? Use these calming sensory strategies to lessen the stress of the school day for anxiety-prone youngsters: Designate a Quiet Space Here, students can regroup and calm themselves down. Your quiet space can be as simple as a corner with a beanbag… Read more »

How Can Sentence Strips Help Speech Therapists?


Sentence Strips in the Classroom

Sentence strips can be very helpful when working with language-impaired students. Their use provides a visual framework for children to organize their thoughts. They may know what they want to say, but struggle to express their ideas … and sentence strips can help you address this challenge. Target Grammar and Vocabulary Skills Sentence strips are… Read more »

How to Work with Children Who Lash Out and Disrupt the Classroom


Managing Classroom Disruption

When a child melts down and becomes aggressive in the classroom, at best they are disruptive and a detriment to a successful learning experience. At worst, they can pose a serious threat to themselves and others. Yet it’s not uncommon for students who have trouble managing their emotions to lose control and direct their distress… Read more »

These Occupational Therapy Apps will Assist Children with Sensory Processing Disorders


Occupational Therapy Apps to Assist Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

More and more new, innovative tools are being introduced to advance OT for children with sensory processing disorders (SPD). Here’s a summary of some of the latest iTunes apps, which can be beneficial to you as a therapist, as well as to parents and other caregivers: See. Touch. Learn. This highly regarded, award winning app… Read more »

An Overview of Physical Therapy Month


Physical Therapy Month | Cobb Pediatric

What are you doing to celebrate October as National Physical Therapy Month? This annual observance began in 1981 as National Physical Therapy Week. In 1992, it was moved to October so as not to conflict with the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) annual conference – and it was declared that the entire month of October… Read more »

Understanding Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom


Preparing for Back to School Season

Schools that acknowledge the diversity among their students understand the importance of promoting cultural awareness. As an educator, it’s up to you to actively demonstrate that you care about students’ cultural, ethnic, emotional and intellectual needs. In doing so, you build trusting relationships among everyone involved. Celebrate Diversity Encourage students to share information about their… Read more »

Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services Recognized by Inc. 5000 for Ninth Consecutive Year


Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services Recognized By Inc. 5000 For Ninth Consecutive Year As One Of The Fastest Growing Private Companies   ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 01, 2016 – Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services, a leading pediatric therapy staffing firm, has made the Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies in America for the ninth consecutive… Read more »