Write a Donors Choose Request!


Donors Choose ( allows teachers to request materials for their classroom by crowdsourcing donations. Teachers can write a request for anything their classroom might need: books, a printer, games, or even a smartboard. As a therapist providing services to students, you are the perfect candidate! Here are 4 tips for writing a successful Donors Choose request.


1. Browse the website to see how other therapists request items for their therapy room.

There are currently 160+ projects from SLPs posted. Their requests range from Clorox wipes to flexible seating. The options are endless!


2. Be specific in your request and its purpose.

Do you need a color printer and ink cartridges? Explain how you need to print AAC boards for nonverbal students. What about a rug? Let the audience know your table is too big for preschoolers.


3. Use casual language so the general public (ie: your mom’s neighbor) understands why you need it.

The majority of the people reading your request are not educators or therapists. They do not know what AAC or fine motor skills are. Be sure to use words that are simple to understand.


4. Go for it! Don’t let uncertainty stop you from trying.

It can be daunting to write something for the public to see, but you will never get what you want if you don’t ask for it. You will be surprised how many friends, family, strangers, and corporations are eager to help out. Plus, your first request’s donations are matched by Donors Choose!

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