The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the memories you’ve made along the way.


Talk about a sunny way of life: Santa Rosa boasts a relaxed pace and the colors are saturated with turquoise, deep blues and the warm oranges of beachside sunsets. Coupled with white-sandy beaches, more than 230 days of sunshine and starry nights, it is easy to see why people are drawn to the Florida’s panhandle. Think breathtaking landscapes and indoor spaces that flow naturally into the outdoors.

The streets, lined with a ‘red carpet’ of palm trees, are perfect for exploring boutique shops, participating in water sports and signature festivals all year round. The sun-soaked beaches within minutes of each other, which adjoin Pensacola beach, also offers an impressive collection of hotels, luxury properties, and dining that will have you eager to stroll the nightlife and relaxing poolside, too.  Do the Stingray Shuffle

If this isn’t enough to draw you to the sunshine state, Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services offers a customizable and comprehensive benefits package and if you are a first-year therapist, a program designed specifically to give you structured and consistent support throughout your first year following graduate school. There is a reason we have been voted Top Workplace for six years and ranked #1 in Employee Appreciation out of 1,200 companies.  Let Cobb Pediatric show you the sunnier side of life, and work!


A sneak peek into what Santa Rosa County schools have for you:

  • 15 Elementary Schools, 7 middle schools, 6 high schools and a number of specialized centers.
  • Santa Rosa County schools have won several awards over the years including recognition as among the best in the U.S. based on college readiness, reading and math proficiency as well as student-teacher ratio.
  • In the areas of Special Education and Exceptional Student Education, noted achievements have included the establishment of Autism Spectrum Model Classrooms and Social Thinking Classrooms.



** Santa Rosa not your perfect fit? Not to worry; we have great opportunities in public, private and charter schools within 10 states. See for yourself!**

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