How can you get your students on board and excited about Color Me Fluent?  If you’ve ever had the privilege of hearing Alice Anne G. Farley speak about her fluency therapy, you would hear just how she can make fluency sessions come alive!  We need to do the same.  Here are some helpful tips and suggestions that have made my fluency therapy a success when using this program:


  • Schedule fluency students together into fluency groups

    • Therapy can go a long way when a child sees that they are not alone and feels empathy from a fellow student who understands. I chose to create other opportunities for modeling with a fluent student peer and focused my fluency therapy as a support group of their own peers.  After explaining this to teachers and administrators, I was able to schedule 4 different fluency groups on the same day.


  • Display the poster and say a pledge

    • On the first day of fluency group while learning about “orange speech,” we reviewed the poster that is included in the kit and we said what I affectionately call the “let go” pledge,  “I’m going to loosen up, lighten up, and let go.”  I animated this further by having my students and I take turns holding a literal orange speech umbrella to say our pledge.


  • Commit to the “orange”

    • Show your students by your level of commitment to the program by implementing the color orange wherever you can:
      • Create an Orange Speech Day. All of my students came to speech on Monday which was the dedicated Orange Speech Day in the therapy room every week.
      • Create orange speech folders and home program notes. I made all of their speech folders orange and sent home therapy program notes on orange paper.
      • Create orange opportunities. I wore something orange on my person every Monday and it was a challenge for them to find it and then tell me about it using an “orange speech technique” for a door prize. (Example: a pin, hair clip, bracelet, socks, shoelaces etc. Get creative!)
      • Make an orange therapy box. The program has some great sample orange manipulatives in the kit so expand it!  Throughout the year, I would find orange manipulatives from the dollar store to add to my orange speech therapy box.  My favorite was mini orange traffic cones with compliments printed on them, such as “nice work,” “good job,” and “excellent!”  Don’t forget to add green manipulatives to compliment “green speech” as well!
      • Make a dedicated orange speech treat box. I would put “orange speech tools” in the treat box to help with their orange speech techniques or that would remind them to use their targets.


If you can show interest and excitement, you can generate more interest and your fluency students will get excited to try this program too!

Color Me Fluent created by: Alice Anne G. Farley, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD


Author: Rachell Johnson, SLP


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