Not all who wander are lost. ~J.R.R. Tolkien


They say everything is bigger in Texas and undoubtedly, The Lone Star State is charged with electricity and folks come here to watch cowboys rope and ride, eat brisket and listen to bluegrass. So, saddle-up (leave those spurs at home) and take a trip with us as we get to the heart of this sprawling American state known for its rich musical heritage, culture and even richer food.


Texas’ state capital, home to the University of Texas flagship campus and “Live Music Capital of the World,” this is the liberal, hippified love-child of Texas. Austin doesn’t take itself too seriously and that is precisely why it is so awesome. This city is home to a wonderful ballet, world-class museums, one-of-a kind shopping and stunning outdoor spaces to keep you from getting bored. You can easily spend your morning paddling at the lake, your lunch-hour grazing the food truck cornucopia and finally, wind your day down watching the BATset. Every summer night up to 1 million Mexican free-tailed bats fly out from under Congress Bridge.  It’s a classic sunset view with a funky twist. It’s okay if you don’t have time to fit it all in, you can look for your next opportunity with us and we’ll help you make this city your home. Keep Austin Weird


San Antonio

This former military town which has transformed into a vibrant city has a youthful energy at play here, colored by the city’s rich cultural mix that collided at The Alamo combining American, Spanish and Mexican Heritage. It is currently the 7th largest city in the United States and ranked one of the number one cities to visit.  Following the pedestrian landmark promenade knows as The River Walk, you’ll meander along the San Antonio River and through gorgeous gardens, footbridges and quaint cafes.  Come time to nosh on the best eats the city has to offer, you will learn the true meaning of “Tex-Mex”. Remember the Alamo



Nestled in the heart of North Texas, Dallas steals the hearts of many each year, as tourists come to visit and crush hard on all the city has to offer. What elevates Dallas to modern metropolis status besides the famous Cowboys and of course, their cheerleaders as well as Bonnie and Clyde who have helped shape the city’s culture? Well, Dallas residents pepper their sentences with “sir” and “ma’am” and say “howdy” because quite frankly, it’s an obligatory greeting. When in the South…! Here you won’t be able to resist the charm of that sweet Texan drawl.  Some say that Dallas is your smorgasbord because it has more restaurants per capita than the Big Apple. It’s also home to 18 of the Fortune 500 companies and 18 of the top wealth holders on Forbe’s Magazine list of billionaires. One quirky, notable fun fact is you have Dallas to thank for “Elevator Music” which debuted at The Statler Hilton back in 1956. Big Things Happen Here



This city hums with energy and boasts an independent spirit. With a thriving art scene including an extensive collection of museums (19 in all), the ballet, symphony and theater companies, it’s a top cultural destination in the South. For those science and astrology buffs, the Space Center Houston still functions as the Mission Control that NASA astronauts communicate with today.  The fourth largest city in the United States, Houston maintains lush green spaces for outdoor activities and even a bayou that runs through the heart of the city center. Make sure that Houston’s Livestock Show and Rodeo which runs for 18 days in the Spring, is on your travel docket because great entertainers such as Reba, Usher, Elvis, Taylor Swift and George Straight among others have taken the stage by storm throughout the shows 80-plus years. Houston, we have a problem


There is no doubt Texas is a spirited place, “beating away like horses’ hooves on the ground”. Everything in Texas is lifted by pride – from family recipes spanning generations to their larger-than-life history. Locals want you to love their state like they do; to many, Texas is the center of the universe. Home of Dr. Pepper, chicken fried steak and Willie Nelson and with deserts, oceans and fields of bluebonnets, what’s not to swoon over?

This isn’t our first rodeo. With our ten-gallon hats and boots, our team is ready to help you rope the perfect school-based opportunity so you can make one of these great cities in this great BIG state, your home.

** Texas not your perfect fit? Not to worry; we have great opportunities in 10 states. See for yourself!**


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