Ah, summer … everybody wants to take a break and get away from it all … but you don’t want your SLP students to lose the momentum they picked up during the school year. So use this time to recommend helpful and fun activities to parents, so children can pick up right where they left off once school resumes.

Pick a Summertime Theme

Planning summer SLP activities can be a lot easier and more effective if you work around seasonal themes – and play some games. For example:

  • Grill up some articulation: Grilling Up Articulation/SH, CH, DJ/ is a game that includes cards with pictures, and encourages children to practice their speech sounds as they help a boy get to his summer barbecue in time. Whoever collects the most hot dogs and hamburgers wins!
  • Make lemonade! The goal of Lemonade Maker is to make as many pitchers of lemonade as possible from four ingredients: lemons, water, sugar, and ice. It’s another excellent game to reinforce articulation. It’s easy to print and laminate game cards, and then have children pick them from a pile, basket or bucket. There are bonus cards – and helpful visual guides.
  • Beach Grammar Activities: For kindergarteners through third graders, Beach Grammar: Activities for Speech Therapy and Classrooms is a fun packet that targets a range of grammar standards and goals: word order, conjunctions, pronouns, verb tenses and noun-verb agreement. It includes Spiral Shell Word Order, where children unscramble words on shells to create sentences; Build a Sandcastle House Noun-Verb Agreement; Conjunction Surfing targets; Pronoun Beach Buddies that focus on “he, she, him” and “her” in sentences, and Verb Flops, which require kids to match verbs and manipulate their tenses.
  • Go under the sea: Under the Sea: Similarities and Differences is geared toward children in grades two through five. It encompasses vocabulary, oral communication, and general speech therapy skills. Kids choose cards and give clues to others about the words on them; for instance, “red fruit and yellow fruit.” Each time a child guesses the correct answer, they earn a card worth one point. The child with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.
  • Play ball! What’s summer without baseball? Baseball Themed Language Activities is for children from pre-K through 6th It targets a variety of speech and language skills, including basic vocabulary, categories/naming/word finding, describing, function, association, and WH questions.

Do you need more resources to round out your SLP toolbox?

Are you ready to gear up for another successful school year? Or, is your plan to use your summer break to take your career to the next level? Either way, consider partnering with the experts at Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.


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