Is it time to spring clean your classroom therapy supplies?

A fresh approach may be just what you need as the school year starts to wind down and students’ attention drifts outside to warmer weather and outdoor activities. Keep spring fever from deterring your plans for the rest of the year by making a few changes to keep things fresh.

Play a Game

Try these games that double as therapy tools:

  • Ned’s Head: This game is fun and yucky for kids – and a sensory dream come true for therapists. Kids look at items pictured on cards and then reach inside an actual gory-looking head to find them, without looking. Ned’s Head was the recent winner of Family Fun’s Toy of the Year award.
  • BIG Trouble: Remember Trouble? This electronic version includes lights and sounds. Kids still love to pop the bubble to roll the dice. And, you can use this to encourage various kinds of movement activities; for instance, “roll a 6 and do 6 jumping jacks,” etc.
  • Ants in the Pants: Another classic! Children utilize fine motor skills as they flip ants into a dog’s pants.

Book It

You can never go wrong with the right books. Try:

  • Core Pilates for Kids: Pilates exercises are fantastic for strengthening core muscles. Introduce your students to Pilates with these basic moves for overall strengthening. Colorful photos make it even easier.
  • Yoga for the Special Child: This book presents a step-by-step system of yoga poses designed to build cognitive and motor skills in children with learning and development disabilities. Specialized breathing and relaxation techniques help improve concentration and reduce hyperactivity.

Activity Cards

Use these decks of cards to motivate and engage your students:

  • Fun Decks: A set of 56 cards lets you work on cognitive skills, reasoning and language. You can incorporate them into various gross motor activities, including relay races and much more.
  • Fit Desk Exercise Cards: Use these cards to create enjoyable exercise sequences. Or, kids can pick one card at a time and utilize them for enhancing strength, coordination, and balance.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few new ideas to improve your wheelhouse of the most effective therapy tools. And sometimes, you need a specialized partner as you continue to build your school-based career and stay on the cutting edge of your industry. If that’s the case, contact the Cobb Pediatric Therapy Team today. We’re here to help!


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