April is National Autism Awareness Month. This observance has been recognized since the 1970’s, when the Autism Society launched its coast-to-coast effort to promote autism awareness and inclusion. In 2007, the United Nations took this initiative worldwide, designating April 2nd as World Autism Day.

This year, the goal is to go beyond simply promoting autism awareness – to encourage people everywhere to become partners towards autism acceptance.

What Can You Do?

What steps can you take this year to help assure that each person on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life? Take the lead at your school to make it happen in 2017.

Put on the Puzzle

The Autism Awareness Puzzle is the today’s most recognized symbol of the autism community. Wear it as a lapel pin, on your car as a magnet, as a badge on your blog, or as your April Facebook profile picture. The puzzle represents the complexity of autism spectrum disorders. Also, since every puzzle piece is different, it represents the diversity of each individual affected by autism. The bright colors of the puzzle signify hope. In addition to the puzzle itself, the official color for National Autism Month is bright blue.

Light up Blue

Each April, countless landmarks, communities, businesses, schools and homes worldwide unite by shining bright blue lights – or wearing or otherwise displaying bright blue – on April 2nd. This is all part of the global Autism Speaks campaign. See what you can do to make it happen at your school and in your town this year and in the future.

Sign up for the Autism Matters Newsletter

It will help you to continue sharing ideas and promoting efforts to make the world better for your students and others with autism.

Ask Your Elected Officials to “Vote 4 Autism.”

Be an advocate by asking your local, regional, state and national government leaders to support autism awareness. Vote for measures which help ensure that people with autism lead fuller, more complete lives and enhance their daily living skills.

As a school-based therapist or psychologist, you can be a leader in autism awareness and acceptance in 2017 and beyond. For additional tips and guidelines on this topic, and to enhance your overall career success and plans, contact the Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services team today.


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