If you need to target expressive language skills and similar challenges in students aged nine and above, the Tactus Therapy Solutions app Conversation Therapy would be an excellent addition to your therapy toolkit.

Priced at $24.99, the latest (1.04) version can be used on your iPod, iPod mini, iPhone or iPod touch. It also is available bundled in the Tactus Complete Therapy, Aphasia Therapy and School Therapy Toolkits.

Conversation Therapy uses 10 questions relating to thought-provoking questions to stimulate conversation between couples or groups of people. It encourages dialogue to unfold naturally, without pressure, thus offering opportunities to improve language skills, pragmatics, speech and thinking.

Skill-Building Features

Conversation Therapy helps students who have difficulty expressing their ideas to work on these skills and address cognitive-linguistic and speech goals. Its features include:

  • More than 300 vivid, full-color photos. Of these, 225 are in child mode and 275 are in teen mode.
  • Open-ended questions that have no right or wrong answers; for instance, “What does it mean to have good manners?” and “What are you allergic to?”
  • User profiles for both individual and group scoring.

The app targets the following goal areas: verbal expression, verbal reasoning, describing, inferencing, predicting, generative naming, defining, discussing opinions, oral and written narrative, decision making, comparison, fluency, apraxia, conversation level articulation and eye contact. In addition to English, you can work in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Filipino and Zulu.

Conversation Therapy is helpful when working with youngsters with cognitive-communication disorders, autism and Asperger Syndrome and ADHD, as well as ESL students and those who stutter.

Using this app, you can readily:

  • Target goals with open-ended questions: The mature topics also can be used for students with aphasia, cognitive impairments and motor speech disorders. You score only goal behavior, not correct or incorrect content.
  • Track data and customize with the User Hub: Conversation Therapy saves each user’s data and profile with charts and reports. You can set up goals for each of your students and customize the types of questions they see.

Paving the Way for the Digital Age

Experts who have piloted Conversation Therapy are highly enthused about its possibilities as speech therapy moves advances in tune with current and future technology. As noted by Ryan Knoblauch, SLP, of The Speech Knob, “Tactus Therapy Solutions has created one of the most thorough therapy apps yet … The pictures are awesome. The topics are relevant … If you really want someone to talk, this app will provide you with detailed scenarios and lots of questions … This is the app that is going to pave the way for converting speech therapists to the digital age.”

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