Now that the school year is under way, you probably have a good handle on your therapy schedule. Of course, it’s always a work in progress. So you need a user-friendly, effective way to keep it organized and up to date, as well as circulate it to teachers and other key personnel.

With just a little upfront work, there are a number of options for you to manage, access and distribute your schedule on an ongoing basis. You can utilize print copies, view and edit it on your computer or mobile device, or find the most feasible combination of all these options.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Use a Word Document
There are a number of online choices including Win Calendar and Schedules Calendar Templates that are free of charge and don’t require a sign-in. For occupational therapists, there’s OT Daily Schedule Word Template. When your schedule is complete, you can email it to your contacts or copy it and hand out hard copies.

  • If you have email on your iPad, you can open your schedule there and save it in Notes or another document management app. This enables you to instantly reference it at any time.
  • You also can take a photo screen shot. Store this version of your schedule in a photo album.

Tap Into Your Google Drive
You may want to experiment with apps offered by Google, such as Google Doc or Spreadsheets. There are numerous options for creating, editing and sharing schedules. Follow these steps:

  • Create your schedule in Google Docs (insert a table in a Doc) or Google Spreadsheet. You can use an existing template with the new Add-ons tool by adding it in Gallery Templates in Google Docs and Presentation.
  • To get to the Gallery Templates Add-ons, go to the new menu item Add-ons. Click this menu, then click to get Add-ons. You’ll be taken to a list of choices. Locate Gallery Templates, select it and accept it in order to add it to your Google Docs. Browse the choices of calendars and forms available.
  • Weekly and biweekly schedules are available in the Gallery’s Planners and Schedules category. Find a template that you like and download it to your drive. Rename it (looking for Copy of … documents in your drive) and it’s good to go. You can use it as is or edit it to your liking.
  • Create your own schedule using the Google Docs template. You can share, print and email it, as well as open it in the Google Doc app on your iPad. If W-Fi is limited on your device, you can designate it as used Offline.
  • The iOS Google app is free and compatible with iPhones and iPads. A free Google Sheets app also is available.
  • You can copy the URL of a Google Doc and create a Home Screen icon on your iPad for easy schedule access. When you edit the document or spreadsheet in your Google Drive, updated versions will remain at the Home Screen icon as long as your device is sync’d with Wi-Fi or shared with others.

Once you get the hang of it, maintaining and sharing your schedule with the help of the latest devices makes life a whole lot easier – and definitely more organized! For additional tools to enhance your school therapy this year, as well as current career opportunities, contact Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services today.

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