Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? Even as adults, we can’t resist the urge to pop those bubbles as soon as we see them arrive when a package is delivered. The bigger, the better! So while it sounds a bit off the wall upon first hearing it, it makes sense that working with bubble wrap would keep children engaged as part of their therapeutic regime.

This simple, entertaining activity helps promote and develop:

  • Pincer grasp
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Hand dexterity
  • Tactile perception
  • Proprioceptive input
  • Hand and finger strengthening
  • Fine motor skills

Engaging Therapy Activities
Save bubble wrap and use it to try out these activities when working with your young patients:

  • Play with dice. Have a child throw number dice. They then need to pop the corresponding number of bubbles. You also can use a timer to see how long this takes. If the sound interferes with a student’s ability complete this exercise, you may want to move it outdoors.
  • Put it on the floor or the wall. Children can pop bubbles with their fingers if wrap is affixed to the wall. If it’s placed on the floor, they can pop using their feet – or push and pop the bubbles using both hands.
  • Wrap a rolling pin in bubble wrap. Then apply paint to the outside. Students use both hands to roll out creative patterns on the paper. Or, cut out a template of an animal or object and have children roll their pattern onto it. For instance, youngsters can imprint a “scale” pattern on a template shaped like a goldfish. Or, they can paint only certain bubbles to create images or abstract patterns.
  • Bubble Story Time: You can download templates of images or blank circles to be used by placing them behind bubble wrap so they show through. Have children create a story using the picture icons in any order. When they use an image in their story, they pop that bubble. Continue adding story parts and pictures until all the images have been used. On blank circles, you can add your own words, letters and images.

Who knew that so much could be done with simple packing material? As an added benefit, you’re recycling, making it even more of a “win-win” situation!

For information on additional tools to bolster your school-based therapy practice – or career opportunities in your field – read our related posts or contact Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services today.

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