Kids and iPads. Playing news anchor. Interactive, fun activities. What better way to master verb tenses that can otherwise be boring and difficult?

Created by a certified speech and language pathologist, Verb News is a dynamic new app for students to learn and practice verbs in the simple present, present continuous, simple past and simple future tenses. It features more than 190 verbs represented in real-life pictures that are extremely well done. A Virtual Speech Center product, Verb News is priced at $9.99.

Tuning In to the News

When you use Verb News, students are welcomed by a boy named Andrew, who is a newsroom anchor. He has his own “Intro to Tenses” channel where children can watch four different animated movies that explain verb tenses. Afterwards, they can practice verbs using various interactive means.

  • For each correct response, students are rewarded with an anchor microphone.
  • At the end of a session, children record their own news and watch it in the newsroom.

Lesson Plans Targeting Verbs

Excellent for use with students who have autism or language disorders or delays, Verb News enables practice using these activities:

  • Auditory bombardment: A youngster listens to verb productions in the chosen tense. Therapists have teaching moments before moving on to the next activity.
  • Fill-in: Children are presented with flashcards accompanied by printed textual statements with a blank for the verb that needs to be inserted. The student listens to three options and chooses the one that’s most appropriate.
  • Making up sentences: The therapist uses flashcards to ask students questions; for instance, “What is the boy doing right now?” The child’s verbal response is recorded using the app’s audio recording feature to self-monitor and correct.

Lesson plans can target verbs using the app’s features:

  • Act out verbs: Using the HIPAA-compliant video recording feature “My News” either before or after flashcard drilling, children can perform different actions as directed by their therapist; for instance, “jump, wave, dance,” or “close your eyes.” While recording, the therapist asks questions in the present continuous tense to practice. Afterwards, you can view the recording in the newsroom and ask students, “What did you do?” to practice the past tense. You also can use this feature to practice the simple future tense.
  • Practice questions in different tenses. With “My News,” students can practice asking questions in different tenses by interviewing their therapists.

Rave Reviews

It’s no wonder that specialists in speech therapy have had good things to say about Verb News as an addition to your speech therapy arsenal of tools. A representative of the Consonantly Speaking team summarized that organization’s review of the app by saying, “I am so happy that there is finally a verb tense application on the market that not only teaches children about tenses with visuals, but also can be used in therapy. I feel like I had been waiting for this one forever.”

To learn more about the tools and resources available to you – or to advance your career as a school-based speech therapist – read our related posts or contact the team at Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services today.

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