“A fun and challenging visual motor activity app. Look out, you might be hooked!”

This comment came from occupational therapists at after they took a trial run of Sebastian Miedtank’s Skill Training app, priced at $2.99 for your iPhone or iPad. Miedtank also created the Skill Game OT app.

Customizable Activities and Exciting Challenges
Developed in conjunction with occupational therapists and appropriate for upper elementary and older students, Skill Training:

  • Trains skills, strategy and concentration.
  • Improves eye-hand coordination.
  • Adapts easily to users’ ages and ability levels.
  • Accommodates multiple users and tracks their progress.

Skill Training requires students to connect numbers in order without crossing or touching lines. Motor accuracy and planning are required to complete the task, which can be done using your finger or a stylus. A magnifying glass is available for an up-close look at what’s happening. This visual motor/spatial reasoning app requires drawing, motor planning and problem-solving activity.

The app offers these additional features:

  • Adjustable sizing of numbers and lines.
  • An infinite number of randomly-generated levels.
  • Simple, easy-to-read controls.
  • Automatic calculation of skill scores based on user accuracy.
  • Options to adapt tasks and skip or restart, thus enhancing student practice with improvements reflected in total scores.
  • Element choices such as turning obstacles on and off, challenging papers and one-way streets.
  • Additional settings including a left-handed mode, Magic Pen and audio.

Skill Training is a fun, engaging app that provides customizable activities for students. In addition, it’s a valuable tool for effective, accurate assessment of overall skills improvement.

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