In the words of actor Will Rogers, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Forbes magazine has noted that it takes just seven seconds for a person to develop their first impression of you. So when you head into your next job interview, be prepared to put your best foot – and professionalism, polish and personality – forward.

Be Confident and Be Prepared
As a therapist candidate, you’re likely to be asked about your training, methods and communication style, as well as your education and professional experience.

  • Prepare a list of potential responses ahead of time and practice them before the actual interview.
  • Research the facility and position for which you are applying. This will alleviate your stress level, as well as illustrate your initiative, organizational skills and knowledge base.
  • Be ready to provide the titles of all your diplomas and certificates, as well as which professional organizations have certified you and where you have completed training.
  • Bring your own list of questions. This will highlight your interest in the position, provide you with information about your potential employer and company culture, and help ensure that the job will be a good match for you.

Let Your Personality Shine Through
Be confident and be yourself – your best self. From the moment you walk through the door, show enthusiasm, strength and genuine interest in the conversation you’re about to have.

  •  Start off on the right foot with a firm handshake, a sincere smile, and the right body language. Sit and stand erect, but not ramrod straight. Look the interviewer in the eye and keep hand gestures to a minimum.
  • Speak clearly and at a moderate pace. Vary your intonation, versus speaking in a monotone. Remember, as a therapist a good part of your day is spent working with children, so your interviewer will be paying special attention to your communication skills.
  • When answering questions, be honest, be concise, listen, and give examples. Have a list of your accomplishments and success stories in mind and be ready to convey them in a clear and professional manner. If you don’t have a particular skill, just state it. Don’t try to cover up by giving an irrelevant answer. Instead, indicate that you have a similar skill and support this statement with your work examples.

Dress for Success
Be sure you are dressed appropriately and that your outfit is comfortable and fits you well. Because if you look good, you feel good – and this helps you give off great energy and brings out your true style and personality.

  • Be sure your clothes are pressed and your shoes are new or shined.
  • Your hair should be professionally and conservatively styled.
  • Minimize jewelry and perfume, cologne or after shave.
  • Be sure your nails are short, clean and neatly trimmed.

You’ve made it this far – and with the right preparation, you can “wow” your interviewer and leave a lasting positive impression. It’s well worth the effort!

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