Are You Looking For Occupational Therapy Jobs?

We have just the right occupational therapy jobs for you. If you’re a licensed therapist and looking for a career within occupational therapy in your area, then we’d like to discuss our school-based occupational therapy jobs and opportunities with you.

We have locations all overĀ  – in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland, Arizona, California and the District of Columbia. If you’ve been looking for the right fit, but can’t seem to find it, we’re sure that our corporate philosophy and core values will set us apart!

We Specialize in Occupational Therapy Services

In addition to our speech therapy programs, we provide the highest quality occupational therapy services and the most customized occupational therapy jobs – in fact, we’ve been placing and staffing therapists since 1989. Because we’ve worked in the industry for so long, we understand your professional needs, and will work to make sure you find the right occupational therapy jobs and the right fit no matter where you go. We offer full support from the moment you’re hired!

If you are motivated, dedicated, trustworthy, and enthusiastic about helping children, our occupational therapy positions would be perfect for you.

Contact us about finding occupational therapy jobs that meet your needs.