Cobb For A Cause



Our therapists are passionate about helping others – it’s just part of who they are! We want to spread the Cobb Pediatric Culture by giving our employees the opportunity to change children’s lives and reach out to the community by participating in causes that are most near and dear to their hearts!

We created the Cobb for a Cause Matching Gifts Program to encourage our employees to give back and support by matching a portion of their donations to eligible charitable organizations. Our employees can choose to participate in a charitable walk or run or make a donation and we will match it!

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In addition to our Matching Gifts Program, Cobb Pediatric employees may participate in other initiatives in order to give back to their community. During 2016, our employees were challenged to Pay It Forward by using a ten dollar bill sent directly to each member of our team. Next, we asked everyone to share with us how they used the donation to impact the lives of others. Our employees submitted over 100 individual stories of how they Paid It Forward! Check out the many ways our amazing team members Paid It Forward below, or search on social media using #CobbForACause and #CobbPaysItForward for additional inspiring stories.

The Many Ways We Paid It Forward:

  • Purchased a special gift for a student/friend
  • Donated to the local Humane Society or animal shelter
  • Contributed to a school fundraiser
  • Supported a current or retired military person
  • Gave to a church’s offering plate or program
  • Purchased books for students
  • Surprised a co-worker with coffee or lunch
  • Added to a student’s lunch money account
  • Bought a meal for someone at Chick-fil-a
  • Donated to an after-school program/team/youth group
  • Helped a family in need
  • Doubled a server’s tip
  • Purchased a meal for a stranger
  • Provided school supplies for a student
  • Gave clothes to a friend/goodwill with money enclosed
  • Donated to a memorial foundation
  • Supported a non-for-profit organization
  • Hid the bill inside a special object for someone to find
  • Made a treat for someone else or a group of people
  • Supported a child in a developing country
  • Donated to the local food pantry
  • Purchased Starbucks for the person behind in line
  • Contributed to a local men’s/women’s shelter
  • Gave to a custodian or janitor
  • Held a surprise party for a child
  • Purchased snacks for garbage men
  • Paid for someone’s parking fee at the hospital
  • Bought a friend/co-worker flowers
  • Donated to a teacher or PTA